Good to know: These mistakes should be avoided when cooking pasta - and your pasta will be perfect

Good to understand
These blunders ought to be stayed clear of when cooking pasta – as well as your pasta will certainly be best

1. The pot is as well little
The pot needs to be high, huge sufficient as well as just three-quarters filled with water. The policy is: 100 grams of pasta per litre of water.

2. No salt in the pasta water
Do not include salt to the water till it is steaming. Definitely prior to you place the pasta in the water. If the water is salted far too late, the pasta will certainly no more take in the salt.
The complying with uses: for each 100 grams of pasta as well as one litre of water there are 10 grams of salt.

3. You do not mix the pasta
So that the starch loosens up as well as the noodles do not stick later on, you ought to mix them continuously.

4. You discard all the pasta water away
Adding gloomy food preparation water to every pasta sauce is beneficial. The pasta starch liquified in the water binds the sauce.

5. You discard the pasta far too late
Pasta needs to be typically Italian al dente. So with a bite! So do not wait as well long prior to putting it off.

6. You satiate the pasta with cool water
If the pasta is satiated with cool water, the pasta will certainly not integrate also with the sauce later on. The exemption: you utilize the pasta for a salad.

7. You leave the pasta in the bowl-shaped sieve for as well lengthy
Tip: Mix the pasta with the sauce quickly. This is the only means to avoid the noodles from sticking as well as the sauce to hold on to the pasta with a velvety structure.

If you adhere to these ideas, the following pasta recipe will certainly be an outright joy.


Anyone can prepare pasta? Are you joke me? Are you significant when you state that. Even with a meal as straightforward as pasta, there are policies that need to be observed to make sure that the following noodle recipe is best.

From Carolin Nowak