Harry Potter's Jessie Cave Says She Lost Acting Roles Due to "Normal-sized" body

Despite moments of kindness in fittings, Jessie nonetheless thinks she has misplaced out on roles due to her look.

“I’ve definitely considered losing weight — and when I have lost weight, I tend to get a part,” admits Jessie, whose different roles embrace a stint within the Netflix sequence Black Mirror. “I mean, it’s not rocket science. But I eat healthily, I’m a normal-sized woman, and I’m still regarded, probably, as a fat actress.”

The actor beforehand opened up about her measurement, and particularly how she received “bigger” between filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, components one and two, saying she was “treated like a different species“when she got here again to movie the final two films within the franchise.

“It was horrible,” she informed The Independent in July. “It was probably more me and my insecurity, knowing that I wasn’t fitting into the same size jeans, but it wasn’t a time where actresses were any bigger than a size 8 [U.S. size 6]. And in the previous film I had been, and now I was a size 12 [U.S. size 10]. So that was horrible. It was a really uncomfortable experience. “

She shared that the explanation for her weight acquire was as a result of she “wasn’t starving” herself: “I was growing up and that’s just what happens.”