Mary Trump: The Republican Party Should Be Labeled Fascist

Mary Trump stated that Democrats and the media can’t pull punches with well mannered language and have to label the Republican Party fascist.

Video of Mary Trump on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

When she was requested by host Lawrence O’Donnell if the label fascist must be prolonged to the Republican Party, Mary Trump answered:

Without query. It’s a waste of time and, fairly truthfully, it’s a waste of our alternative to show issues round. The subsequent yr and a half might be extremely essential to see if we can put a cease to this pattern. And the Democrats particularly and the media, typically, must face this in a manner that demonstrates that they perceive the seriousness of the risk. 

Democrats can’t maintain taking part in by previous guidelines as a result of Republicans have burned the rule guide. There are not any guidelines anymore. So pulling punches and utilizing language that’s well mannered isn’t going to get us the place we have to be.

 Republicans Destroyed All Of The Old Rules On 1/6

The media continues to be caught up within the previous guidelines, as they nonetheless don’t see that there’s just one celebration left within the United States that helps democracy. That is why there have been so many horrible mainstream media takes criticizing Speaker Pelosi for booting Jim Jordan from the 1/6 Committee.


When Susan Collins is saying that Pelosi should have put Jordan on the 1/6 Committee, it’s a signal that the entire celebration has gone fascist.

Republicans want to destroy democracy. 

Of course, they’re fascists. The exhausting half might be getting the company media to admit it.