Factors to Consider Before Getting Botox

You may be wondering what factors to consider before getting the best Botox in Dubai. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of these factors. Some of the other factors you’ll want to consider are anticoagulants and exercise. This procedure can cause some temporary side effects. In addition to the risks, the treatment may be uncomfortable and may not be appropriate for everyone. Some people also experience facial drooping, headaches, and nausea.

Discuss to a healthcare practitioner about anticoagulants

You should know several things if you are considering getting Botox treatment. First of all, you should have finished taking your anticoagulant, and you should have discussed it with your healthcare practitioner. It would help if you also talked about the possibility of discontinuing anticoagulant therapy before getting the treatment. Because anticoagulants are designed to prevent blood clots and strokes, stopping these treatments may be risky.

Consume plenty of antioxidants in your diet

Aside from the Botox injection, one of the most important ingredients of the treatment is antioxidants, which help the body protect its cells from the effects of free radicals and oxidants. Although free radicals are beneficial to the body, too many of them can cause damage to the cells and contribute to the effects of aging. Therefore, it’s important to consume plenty of antioxidants in your diet to enhance your skin’s appearance.

Do not exercise immediately after treatment

It would help if you did not exercise immediately after a Botox treatment. It can increase blood pressure and cause bruising at the injection site. Also, it would help if you avoided head movements or vigorous facial movements as these may cause the Botox to migrate. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and wait at least 4 hours before performing strenuous activities. Your doctor may recommend that you refrain from strenuous exercise for a week or two after the Botox treatment.

Avoiding touching injected areas

Before your Botox treatment, avoid applying pressure to the injected area. Applying pressure to the skin can cause the injected areas to bleed. Applying ice to the area after the procedure can help minimize bruising. Also, avoid excessive exercise, which will increase your heart rate and slow the healing of damaged capillaries. Wear an extra pillow when sleeping. This prevents blood from pooling and reduces bruising.