Types Of Prayer Mats- How Do I Buy Good One Online?

You have found the perfect place to purchase a prayer mat in Dubai. There are countless styles and varieties to choose from. This article will explore a few of the most popular types, including hand-woven, motif-decorated, and cushioned. Whichever type you decide on, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one for your needs. After all, you’re looking to make a prayer room as attractive as possible.

Embroidered rugs:

The design of embroidered prayer mats online can vary greatly, but they generally have the same design and religious significance. Prayer rugs are traditionally woven with a rectangular pattern and a niche at the head end. They typically feature Islamic symbols or architecture and can have deep meaning in certain cultures. In the case of a Christian prayer rug, the hieromonk will bless it before being used.

Hand-woven rugs:

When buying prayer mats, the internet is a great resource to find the perfect one. You can choose one with a certain color and size, and you can even get a custom-made prayer mat. These prayer mats are often luxurious velvet with an anti-slip latex sponge base. Custom-made prayer rugs are made with original designs and look beautiful on shimmering fabrics. Some mats even come with an optional cotton fringe on the short edges to complete the look.

Motif-decorated rugs:

The online retailers have apologized for selling Muslim prayer mats that bear the motifs of the Islamic holy sites as “filled Greek carpets.” Some consumers expressed their anger, but others were confused by the mats’ unique design called “Islamic.” The photos of the motifs sparked a response in the online community.

Cushioned rugs:

When you’re buying a cushioned prayer mat, it’s important to remember that it is not just for praying on. The mat should be comfortable to sit on and be clean. Some mats feature special designs or markings, which may help remind the prayee of the purpose of their prayer. A cushioned prayer mat can help maintain cleanliness and comfort in a space where people often have to kneel for hours.

Weather-resistant rugs:

It is important to find weather-resistant prayer mats that will withstand outside elements. A prayer mat can become completely wet in less than five minutes when praying. It will be almost impossible to dry the mat before the next salah during these moments. To find these weather-resistant mats, keep reading! You’ll find some great options online! Hopefully, one of these will work for you.