Create Stunning 3d Paintings and Make a Lasting Impression

Paintings or drawings in the form of a 3d image, have been around for a long time now. In fact artists have been using the 3d effect for quite some time and it is only getting more popular these days. When a person paints on the canvas they are creating an illusion and the canvas is actually on a layer of raised paint which is then cured over a period of time so that it looks and feels like a solid object. This technology has brought about new levels of realism and is something that people are not aware of and have been enjoying since the advent of digital art and animation.

It has not been possible for the artist to achieve this before as the concept of using three dimensional imagery was rather a recent development. These days artists are using a variety of techniques, software and different mediums to get the job done and bring about the 3d effects. One can opt for either hand painting or using a computer to make the 3d paintings. The latest technology has enabled artists to create high quality and flawless images. Painting and drawing on the canvas have become much easier today than what it was decades ago. 3d paintings are paintings or drawings on the virtual platform of the web using advanced software and hardware, which allow the artist to add depth, dimension to any virtual representation.

The process of 3d paintings in Dubai starts with the artist creating the image in either the form of an image file such as a jpeg or png, or as a bitmap, which is a bit mathematical format specific to the computer applications the artist uses. After the artist creates the image he then uploads it onto the virtual canvas. Since the image is not in the format of the physical painting, the web-based application will read the file format of the software used by the artist and interpret it accordingly, so that the final image is in the format that is required by the program.

Depending on the complexity of the drawing the artist will be able to use various different types of shading and patterns. The 3d software will be able to determine the best shading and pattern suitable for the drawing. The colors used will depend on the preferences of the artist and the color scheme he wants to follow. View it now for details.